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    Solar Tsunami and More Auroras Over Canada

    Since the first time we posted on the issue, the Sun has been keeping on with beautiful performances and expressions of light, daily CME’s directed at us, solar wind entering Canada, blessing our northern territories with breathtaking sights. It feels as if our star is sending us a message. What could it be? I’ve noticed that all my devices and batteries are losing power and discharging much faster, like ridiculously fast, even on airplane mode prompting me to reflect on how to revert to lower-tech (and less smart devices), or be less dependent on technology. In my quest for retro-vibes, I digged out my professional cameras of yesteryear, but even…

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    Yellowknife: Solar Wind Breaks In (11pm, Aug25)

    “It was just before midnight on Aug. 25th when a crack opened in Earth’s magnetic field. Solar wind poured through the gap, fueling auroras over Yellowknife, Canada” SpaceWeather.com In the meantime, there have been two fresh CME’s. All three are potentially directed at Earth.

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    CME from our Star is expected to hit Earth on August 25, 26 – auroras and geomagnetic storms likely for the days to follow – not entirely clear how this will affect technological devices, but it will. Gif made by Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) Here is NASA’s beautiful predictive animation of the same space weather event: Some experts believe the CME will be diffuse and minor by the time it gets here, but most seem to agree that it will be a direct hit. For now, the mood is “wait and see”. The Royal Observatory of Belgium announces a direct hit on the 26th and arrival of solar wind…

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    Ekinox: La protection de la vie privée est un débat philosophique

    À la lumière des dernières informations sur la divulgation forcée d’une longue liste de données personnelles hautement sensibles et aucunement anonymisées, incluant les dates de naissance de tous les Québécois qui osent aller dépenser leur argent au restaurant, ainsi que le partage envisagé de ces données personnelles avec des entités internationales via l’application Ekinox, il est clair que le cadre juridique actuel sur la protection des données au Québec n’existe plus. Si la collection, la conservation, l’utilisation et le partage de données personnelles via une application mobile est effectivement un débat “philosophique”, nous comprenons que les enjeux de protection de la vie privée des Québécois ne font plus partie de…

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    Brainstorm On Modernizing Copyright Law for AI and the Internet of Things

    This is a very interesting reform but it isn’t going anywhere. https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/693.nsf/eng/00316.html AI can’t author anything. It may create random stuff like fractals or replicate things it sees or learns, like text, or social media comments generated by bot farms, but when it comes to independent AI “art” you just know that something is missing, like a robot playing classical composers on the piano, no matter how perfect, it is super boring, unless it is an exact replica of a human virtuoso’s performance. It is called reproducing a sound recording as a robot. I won’t even get into (the mild horror of) musical compositions by robots. The most incompetent human…

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    Addiction Prevention Algorithm, Ethical Issues

    Wired Magazine, in what’s hands down the most compelling article of this month, exposes a concerning facet of medical sexism where a woman suffering advanced endometriosis is denied pain medication due to algorithmic prescreening for addiction risk. The Pain Was Unbearable, So Why Did the Doctors Turn Her Away? The NarxCare algorithm screens pain patients according to their health data and prescription history, in order to determine who is entitled to pain management and who is supposed to tough it out (for their own good). In this case, the patient had a long history of legally prescribed percocet that prompted the algorithm to flag her as being at risk to…

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    Zoombombing Class Action Settles for $85M

    In re: Zoom Video Communications Inc Privacy Litigation, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, No. 20-02155. Zoom shared personal information with (Microsoft’s) Linkedin, Google, and Facebook (something Microsoft Teams does every second) resulting in hackers taking control of meeting rooms with racial slurs and porn, a practice known as zoombombing. In reaching the settlement Zoom denied wrongdoing. https://www.reuters.com/technology/zoom-reaches-85-mln-settlement-lawsuit-over-user-privacy-zoombombing-2021-08-01/ This case should serve as a cautionary tale on the consequences of sharing your customers’ privacy information with major platforms. Even if you do so unwittingly, out of ignorance or blind trust in big tech, reckless data sharing attracts hackers and leads to cyber-security breaches that will eventually be blamed on…

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    Copyrighting Copywrongs Caused By Notice+Notice – DMCA Bots

    Maybe it is time to fix the AI that is throwing random infringement notices at every IP out there for content that is readily available on Netflix and Amazon (to name a few). Users are being told to take down things they have zero control over (i.e. streaming services). In spite of the 2019 reform in the notice and notice regime, notices keep giving away an extortionary feel, hinting at possible settlements for stuff that everyone is already paying for. Moreover, these notices give zero possibility to users to respond and provide an immediate good-faith defense. The most honest of users are treated like infringers, are told to inform everyone…