Nightclubs Requiring Proof Of Vaccination And Privacy; What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Oh the data and privacy disaster we are headed towards. As soon as I heard the enormously bizarre announcement of Boris Johnson to impose proof of vaccination requirement in nightclubs, I knew this was not going to go well. Entrusting door staff with handling sensitive health data of people who just want to get s…faced and dance the night away, is set to expose vulnerable young people to identity and vax data theft. It is irresponsible and the only clubs who don’t resist right now are those who prepare to harvest invaluable data at the door.

Forget mandatory. This measure goes against the best interests of club-goers and society at large and should be prohibited. No nightclub anywhere should ever be allowed to require proof of vaccination as a condition of entry to people who are there precisely to party like there is no tomorrow. Very likely, none of these club-goers truly cares about a so called “tomorrow” enough to be afraid to miss it. Is it even possible to distinguish between the symptoms of a classic hangover and the delta variant? Headaches, unable to get out of bed, runny nose… you kiddin’? Some people’s noses are falling off after going to the club, you think runny nose will alarm anyone?

This literally is “barking at the wrong tree” (unless something changed and nightclubs have turned into long-term geriatric facilities) Again, who cares. The point is, if you are afraid enough to be vaccinated, you sure as hell are afraid to be in a club to breathe other people’s evaporated sweat replete with airborne bacteria and chemicals. It is likely that the club is in your imagination while you are listening to Spotify on your phone. With your mask on. Which is entirely cool. I am for consent. Wherever it goes. Your body, your choice.

On an end-note, being vaccinated shouldn’t include the obligation to have something to PROVE for the remainder of your life. It is extremely discouraging to see how the vaccinated are being segregated into a crowd that will always have to disclose more data than necessary. Many refuse to disclose proof of vaccination and are treated as non-vaccinated.

The data of the vaccinated is worth more money than the data the unvaccinated.